Language & Culture Program

Develop Global Citizenship Through Language

体育彩票365appa key goal of this program is to prepare you to study abroad. sua requires that you take a minimum of four courses in your target language before leaving for study abroad, at least one of which must be at the 202-level or above.

the mission of the language and culture program is to foster the development of linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness necessary for well-educated global citizens.

you will:

  • Develop the linguistic proficiency necessary to participate in study abroad for a semester during your junior year 
  • Develop cultural awareness to adapt to your study abroad environment 
  • Further advance your linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness in any of the languages offered at SUA

Explore Our Offerings

Buildings on either side of a river in Nanjing, China


体育彩票365appinstruction in mandarin chinese prepares you for studying abroad in either mainland china or taiwan.

Port in Aix-en-Provence, France


instruction in french prepares you for studying abroad in locations across france or in dakar, senegal.

traditional japanese architecture


instruction in japanese prepares you for studying abroad in locations across japan.

Peniscola Castle in Spain


体育彩票365appinstruction in spanish prepares you for studying abroad in argentina, chile, costa rica, cuba, dominican republic, ecuador, mexico, peru, and many locations in spain.

Support Services


体育彩票365appall students in introductory-level language courses are required to attend tutoring in their target language. tutoring is free and provided by multilingual soka student employees to encourage casual conversation in target languages as well as to provide in-depth grammatical support.

Language Lab

体育彩票365appthe language lab facility is used for language acquisition and placement tests. you may practice and improve your listening comprehension and speaking skills in your target language in the lab.

Language Lab Coordinator

Darin Lucero

The Study Abroad Experience